POSFIT, originating from the phrase "Positively Fit" is not just a business name, but a feeling. POSFIT is a way of a life. It is in the way we view ourselves, our interactions with others, our thoughts, our responses, our actions, our motivations, our goals and what drives us forward.

POSFIT By Legworks was once a dream, converted into a passion, and now is being shared with the community. In late January 2011, Legworks Dance Studio may have opened its doors to the idea of fitness, but it was their staff, dancers, parents, family, and friends that opened their hearts. The enormous positive response received from the community was overwhelming and nothing short of a blessing. With consistently maxed out classes and a rapidly growing workout schedule, it was clear to all that something magical was happening. Danielle Guinta, owner of Legworks Dance Studio announced the birth of a new business venture, POSFIT By Legworks, in April 2013. With two business running side by side, it was obvious a new home was also in order. The community applauded our move into a space equipped to hold two larger than life companies. A 7,000 sq foot building labeled PARK PLACE II is now more commonly called "The House Of Legworks" as it hosts LEGWORKS DANCE STUDIO and POSFIT By Legworks.

POSFIT is not just a fitness studio, but the new center of our community. Our goal is to not only strengthen your muscles, but lift your spirit. For us, the word, "healthy" is not just about food and how we choose to fuel the body, but also a state of mind. We offer cardio classes specific to men, woman, and children, along with proper nutritional guidance, monthly empowerment workshops, and free adult seminars that will all help guide you to a more centered you. The creators of POSFIT believe in the power of energy. Have you ever encountered a moment where you witness a person grow tired and yawn, which then in turn makes you yawn? A yawn is a form of energy and energy is contagious. Now imagine catching a room full of positivity! Smiles, laughter, and friendship. POSFIT would not be what it is today without the unconditional love and support of our local fitness enthusiasts. It is time to give back. Are you ready to exercise your right to live positively?!